Press, Strategy & Utility: Cloud can turn talk into action

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Extensive quotes and picture coverage for Richard Hall, CloudOrigin CEO, in the Mediaplanet supplement of The Daily Telegraph in conjunction with Emma Taylor from The Cloud Circle, including these tips for planning cloud pilot projects:

1 Do your research

Be careful who you deal with. I’d suggest that companies should work with people with a track record and when they are looking for an operator to host their services and applications in the cloud they go for somebody that has put a billion in to it ratherthan a couple of million.  The big operators are likely to have a better service and offer greater scale.

2 Be prepared

Be sure you know what youare getting.Many companiesmay buy a cloud service without realising that they have very littlein the way of security or a guarantee of service.  These can be provided with the right partners.

3 Plan ahead

For new projects, give thecloud serious consideration because it is so much simpler and quicker to set up than the normal process inside large companies of requesting a server.  This usuallymeans nothing can happen on new projects for a couple of months or more.