Events & Press: Europe Looks to the Cloud

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Europe into the Cloud Panel, London December 2011, (C) Bloomberg Link

[December 2011]

Data privacy laws in Europe have prevented many companies from moving to the cloud. According to research firm Gartner, annual sales of cloud services in Europe, while on the rise, are still roughly half the level of revenue in North America. Will cloud remain the exception rather than the rule in Europe? What are the conditions that will make cloud services take hold in Europe?

Beyond the continent, are cloud-based approaches secure and reliable enough for financial transactions and for government agencies to buy into?  Are more companies building their own clouds? What are the benefits and challenges of private cloud versus outsourced cloud?

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John Engates, Chief Technology Officer, Rackspace
Richard Hall, CEO and Founder, CloudOrigin
David King, Chief Technology Officer, Logica
Mark Paraskeva, Vice President, EMEA, Autodesk

Interviewed by:
Jonathan Browning, Technology Reporter, Bloomberg News