Events & Strategy: Radical IT as a Service

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[May 2012]

CloudOrigin delivered ‘Radical IT as a Service’ as a 2012 IT Industry Session for the IT Directors’ Forum on the Aurora cruise ship to a CIO community drawn from across Europe.

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Radical IT as a Service

Richard Hall, Founder and Chief Executive, CloudOrigin

Internal IT departments traditionally follow incremental, evolutionary paths, while revolutions are typically only imposed by external forces such as acquisition, merger or shifting markets.  The new cloud business model brings the prospect of radical IT restructuring avoiding many of the execution risks that were previously barriers.

This session will look at a decision framework for such a transformation, turning the IT function into a service provider of choice to meet the needs of internal and external ‘consumers’.  While much debate and vendor marketing is currently focused on ‘private cloud’ issues, we will take a top down route beginning with restructuring the functional workload through BPO and Software as a Service (SaaS).