Events, Press & Strategy: Judging Railsbank API Hackathon 2017

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[November 2017]

Railsbank – Open Banking API Hackathon 2017, London

CloudOrigin CEO Richard Hall joins the judges panel for Railsbank, the FinTech banking and compliance platform, on their inaugural Open Banking API Hackathon

What is #OpenBankHack17?

If you’re keen to be creative and push the boundaries of what can be built using Open Banking APIs, and want to build the next generation of innovative banking and compliance services, and win cash prizes, then #OpenBankHack17 is for you.

​#OpenBankHack17 is a 48 hour FinTech Hackathon where attendees will form teams and collaborate with mentors (several FinTech legends will be attending, judging and mentoring) to create amazing solutions to challenges based around:

  • The Secure Trading challenge;
  • Taking compliance manuals from the world of paper into the world of digital; and
  • Building a challenger bank in a weekend!

​At the end of the hack there will be cash prizes for the best technical and business solutions.

Why come to #OpenBankHack17?

#OpenBankHack17 will bring together professionals, students and industry experts who are passionate about FinTech and building the future of financial services.  So come along to find a cofounder, meet someone new, have fun, or simply learn a new skill that stretches you beyond your usual day-to-day life.

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