CloudOrigin exists to accelerate the adoption of enterprise cloud computing in public and private sectors. We provide award winning strategy, advisory and implementation services to endusers and providers to take advantage of this fundamental change in the business model of information technology.

In our strategic view based on the competitive position of providers and users, cloud computing will be the dominant approach for most organisations, with many hybrid public and private cloud solutions flourishing along the way. The question is where to begin given your existing IT investments. Everyone will have a different path. We aim to find the right answer with you.

Based in London but operating globally, we have decades of experience designing, delivering and managing the most advanced business services, software solutions and infrastructure platforms worldwide. Our reputation has grown in the Private Equity and Venture Capital community keen to clearly understand technology trends in terms of market demand. We are equally pleased to have enabled first round funding for new startups as we are to have advised on multi-billion dollar acquisitions.

To date we have advised globally on deals with Enterprise Value of over $21.5 Billion while providing pragmatic, independent insight to our direct clients and investors whether this is their first step into the cloud or simply the latest evolution.

Since 2009 we have witnessed cloud infrastructure and Software as a Service transition from early pilots to Business As Usual, from pioneering enterprises to mass-market adoption, from complex and bespoke platforms to industry standard offerings and Open Source Software frameworks.  Meanwhile Big Data, Machine Learning, Containerization, Edge and Micro-Services architectures continue to break new ground.

By 2019 we have worked around the world as our clients expand their geographic reach, launch new services and compete more effectively with cloud Infrastructure, Platform and Software as a Service solutions to drive their growth in turbulent markets. Our track record helping technology endusers and providers profitably innovate while managing their risks is well known. Whatever your needs we would be delighted to discuss the options with you.